Tuesday, December 04, 2012

David Brooks 'Truly Grand Bargain' is delusional

I respect David Brooks. I think he's a bight guy who is considerably brighter than me. But I think today's column is naive and delusional.

Brooks seems blind to just how far the Republican party has sank, and in particular, the Republican House.

Brooks proposes a temporary fix now, with Republicans relenting on tax rates going up on top earners and some cuts in entitlements (nothing on defense) to buy time and kick the can down the road for a truly grand bargain,
But the big [Republican] demand would be this: That on March 15, 2013, both parties would introduce leader-endorsed tax and entitlement reform bills in Congress that would bring the debt down to 60 percent of G.D.P. by 2024 and 40 percent by 2037, as scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Those bills would work their way through the normal legislative process, as the Constitution intended. If a Grand Bargain is not reached by Dec. 15, 2013, then there would be automatic defense and entitlement cuts and automatic tax increases.
Brooks clearly has no idea how bad things are among the Republican party.  The Republican party that Brooks wants to hammer out this bargain no longer exists.  Boehner would have no ability to comply with this.  The core of House Republicans have no desire to do anything to raise money and improve the Federal Government.  They want to destroy the Federal Government for the most part, except the most basic of functions and the DoD.

But even if this weren't true, who among the House GOP has the public policy chops to pull this off?  The House Republican caucus is made up of hard core ideologues, not pubic policy wonks.  This should be clear by Paul Ryan, who's budget math relies on magic and he's considered their genius.

Don't get me wrong, the Democrats aren't exactly a prize, but they at least believe in public policy.

I really don't mean to be hyperbolic but this is so naive it's embarrassing.  Isn't it clear that the House doesn't want any deal with Democrats? They want unconditional surrender.

I've just accepted the fact that we are going off the cliff, and I think it's for the best.  We might dip back into a recession, but it won't be long, because there are trillions on the sidelines waiting to be invested when the markets see certainty.  And how else can we ever hope to really cut back our military defense?

The House Republicans 'plan' is endless debt ceiling crises to literally hold the nation hostage until there is no Federal government to speak of.  They're mad.

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