Thursday, December 20, 2012

Washington Media Village literally can't see elephant in front of their eyes

Since the passing of David Broder, perhaps nobody better personifies the out of touch media bubble than Jennifer Rubin.

Today, Jennifer reassured,
In all likelihood, the majority of House Republicans will vote for Plan B, showing the proper consideration (none) for the unrealistic brand of politics that gave the GOP characters such as Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell. The more that conservative GOP elected officials establish their independence from these third-party cranks, the more likely it is that conservative goals can actually be furthered. To govern and to influence the process is to deal and cajole and compromise. The House speaker and most GOP House members get that. And the vast majority of the House Republicans have nothing to fear from the Heritage Action Network if they do their job and listen to their constituents.
Jennifer is far from alone. Duncan Black calls the insider media bubble in DC "The Village". Village reporters have spent so much time in DC that they no longer recognize reality. They believe, for instance, against all obvious information to the contrary, that House Republicans are secretly very sophisticated and reasonable and are just pretending to be extreme.  Of course the secretly sophisticated House Republicans would make an eleventh hour amazing deal to transform the Nation's budget and deficit.  They dismiss us on the outside looking in, because we don't have their access to what is really going on. 

David Brooks delusional fantasy for a mega 'Grand Bargain' is a perfect example and Brooks himself, is the ultimate Villager. 

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