Friday, March 08, 2013

Clinton Trounces Rubio in National Poll

Rublicans simply don't understand non-whites.  They convince themselves that Marco Rubio is their answer to the Latin problem -- like Michael Steele was the answer to Obama.

What underlies the GOP's problem is the essentially racist view that non-whites are incapable of understanding issues and vote simply on skin color.  There may actually be some projecting going on here, but I digress.

Quinnipiac University has just released a national poll testing a variety of possible 2016 pairings with 1,944 registered voters and had a margin of error of +/-2.2 percent.

Rubio's popularity, it would seem, is only among white Republicans.  Clinton led Rubio by a 50-34 margin among all groups.  But among Latin voters?   Clinton mops the floor with Rubio 60-24.

Chris Christie did better against Hillary but still trailed 45-37 nationally among all groups.  Latin voters favored Hillary over Christie 62-23.

Paul Ryan didn't do any better against Hillary, losing 50-38 in an overall matchup and even worse with Latin voters, 69-21.

Before you Democrats get too excited about this,  Hillary running is still a long shot by my estimation.  She'd be 69 on election day making her the oldest person in history elected president.  Ronald Reagan was 68. 

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