Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The NRA's Jack-booted Thugs take over National Press Club

I find this absolutely stunning for the gall and and also because this wasn't a scandal.

Dana Milbank reports on the goonery of NRA thugs at the National Press Club on April 2 where the NRA was rolling out their plan to arm schools,
The thugs....About 20 of them -- roughly one for every three reporters -- fanned out through the National Press Club, some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed, others with earpieces and bulges under their suit jackets. In a spectacle that officials at the National Press Club said they had never seen before, the NRA gunmen directed some photographers not to take pictures, ordered reporters out of the lobby when NRA officials passed and inspected reporters' briefcases before granting them access to the news conference.
First, where was the usual security at the National Press Club? Second, on exactly what authority did this self-appointed militia operate? And finally, why on earth would anyone take orders from these kooks?

And forgive me for asking the obvious, but what about the Second Amendment rights of those attending this press conference?  Assuming any of the reporters was carrying, was the NRA going to take their gun away from them?  As I understand the position of the NRA anyone carrying a concealed weapon that day would have been well within their Second Amendment rights to shot any one of those goons in the head for even trying to take their gun from them.  Am I missing something?

Because undeserving people have been called fascists too many times, it makes it harder to point out examples of actual fascist among us in 2013.  The NRA is running their very own Sturmabteilung or Camicie Nerre. This is exactly how fascists in Germany, Italy and Spain behaved in the 1920s and 1930s before they took power.

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