Thursday, May 30, 2013

James Comey and the most riveting 20 minutes of congressional testimony. Maybe ever.

James Comey is an American hero.

Today, President Obama nominated James Comey to be Director of the FBI. Comey was Attorney General John Ashcroft's number two at the DoJ. I think the President should have nominated a Democrat to this important position and disagree with the notion that only Republicans are qualified for such sensitive positions.

But I said James Comey is an American hero and I meant it. Paul Kane at the WaPo reminds us of Comey's riveting 20 minutes of congressional testimony about the night he and a stricken and hospitalized Ashcroft faced down the White House.

If you don't recall this, you have to watch.  It's truly remarkable. 

When the events that took place at the Bush DoJ are finally declassified, I may find many reasons to be troubled by decisions made by Comey, but from what I actually know, James Comey is an outstanding public servant the likes of which we meet too few.

Original Ward Report coverage here

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