Thursday, June 06, 2013

Republicans 'contraception problem' is that public understands their position pefectly

GOP birth control nemesis Sandra Fluke / AP J. Scott Applewhite
Amanda Marcotte reviews the College National Republican Committee's recent report detailing the GOPs current woes and points out that much of their problems are self inflicted, including their problems with reproductive rights.
No one is forcing Republicans to attack contraception subsidies every chance they get. Republicans did not actually have to insist that your employer be able to prevent you from using your own insurance benefits on contraception, nor did they have to convene an all-male panel to discuss how important it was to give a woman’s boss a vote in her reproductive health care. It wasn’t required of the party that it run so many rape philosophers for office. Indeed, the problem for Republicans on the subject of reproductive rights is that young voters accurately understand its positions … The problem is that opponents aren’t distorting the attacks on contraception. The only way for Republicans to not be perceived as anti-contraception is to stop attacking contraception. Nothing else will work.

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