Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What will the U.S. Achieve bombing Syria?

It's an important question.

We're all horrified by the images of the murdered men, women and children gassed by Assad in suburban Damascus. It's easy to want to lash out in anger but what does Obama actually hope to accomplish?

And how many more civilians will die? 

George Packer has a debate with himself.
So it looks like we’re going to bomb Assad.


Really? Why good?

Did you see the videos of those kids? I heard that ten thousand people were gassed. Hundreds of them died. This time, we have to do something.

Yes, I saw the videos.

And you don’t want to pound the shit out of him?

I want to pound the shit out of him.

But you think we shouldn’t do anything.

I didn’t say that. But I want you to explain what we’re going to achieve by bombing.
Read on, it's well worth you time.

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