Sunday, October 13, 2013

After Cards shut down the Dodgers, LA press lights them up

It's often said that the St Louis press is always too easy on the Cards while the big market teams back East and out West get much more scrutiny by their local reporters.

If you doubt this is true, just read the local papers on-line after big loses.  I make a habit of going to local papers after the Cards roll a contending team in a series. 

Here is some very nice prose from Bill Plaschke in the LA Times this morning,

The most expensive team in baseball has been rolled on the riverfront, mugged in a Busch, kicked by a Clydesdale and sent staggering back to Los Angeles with pockets empty, eyes wide and winter coming.
"This," Hanley Ramirez said, "is really hard."


By Saturday night, as red-faced fans were howling deep into the cool Midwest morning, everything had changed. The Dodgers aces had been crumpled, their batting order was in tatters and their manager is again drowning.
If LA hasn't figured it out yet, the answer is obvious to us in St Louis: God is a Cardinals fan.

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