Monday, October 21, 2013

Remember when VA Gov Bob McDonnell was on GOP Short List for Pres?

Well, not any more.

Now he's on the GOP not so short list of those most likely to be indicted. I'm always surprised when people in such positions turn out to be so commonly old school corrupt.  How arrogant do you have to be to think you can be such a public figure with an eye on the White House and also be so completely corrupt?

Today, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports more details on the loans McDonnell has repeatedly lied about,

Star Scientific CEO Jonnie R. Williams Sr. has told federal investigators that he met with Gov. Bob McDonnell before making a $50,000 loan to the governor’s wife, Maureen, in 2011, according to a source close to the ongoing gift scandal investigation.

Williams told investigators he insisted on the meeting in the governor’s office to ensure that McDonnell knew about the loan, the source said.
As the story of these loans first broke some months ago, the classy Governor of Virginia immediately threw his wife under the bus where he continues to hold her sticking to his story that he knew nothing of the loans to his wife until the money was spent.

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