Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Budget Crisis Republicans spent months planning

Michael Stravato for The New York Times
The NY Times has the story with on-the-record quotes.
Last week the country witnessed the fallout from that strategy: a standoff that has shuttered much of the federal bureaucracy and unsettled the nation.

To many Americans, the shutdown came out of nowhere. But interviews with a wide array of conservatives show that the confrontation that precipitated the crisis was the outgrowth of a long-running effort to undo the law, the Affordable Care Act, since its passage in 2010 — waged by a galaxy of conservative groups with more money, organized tactics and interconnections than is commonly known.
The defund plot included this handy tool kit.

In 1996, when Pres Clinton was re-elected, the GOP plot to overthrow the election was impeachment.  In 2013, you hear occasional talk of impeachment from  rank and file House members and some party leaders, but this time they've decided to overthrow the election by holding the economy hostage and destroying the Nation's credit.   This, of course, is tyranny coming, ironically, from those who claim to most support democracy.  

When this fails, we'll be back to impeachment, I promise. 

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