Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Hyocracy without Limits


Note the Playboy cover over Mrs. Falwell's shoulder. 

The outrageous hypocrisy of evangelical Christians defies description. For 25 years we have listened to an endless drumbeat of fire and brimstone condemnations of first Bill and then Hillary Clinton for every moral failing humanly possible to be committed by any individual in a single lifetime.  We have been endlessly told these moral indictments make it absolutely impossible for any Christian to vote for either Clinton, and walk with Jesus in the afterlife.  In my time defending either Clinton, I never responded to moral or faith-based charges from religious leaders because that was between them and their flocks.  How they administer their faith is no more my business than how I live my life is theirs. 

But now Trump?  An admitted and unrepentant serial adulterer, whose freely express bigotry and racism the world hasn’t seen since the rise of fascism in 1930s Europe?  Donald Trump gets the Christian seal of approval? Trump, whose misogyny rivals that of a Saudi Prince?  Trump who clearly hasn’t spent more than 5 minutes thinking about God in his entire Adult life?  This is who Christian leaders align with?  In my life, I can’t think of a greater example of hypocrisy. 

These self-described Christian leaders supporting Trump are the money changers we’ve read about and chasing them out of the temple with a whip seems too good for them.  An Old Testament stoning seems about right.