Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why Does Bill O'Reilly the need to Champion the Institution of Slavery?

Bill O'Reilly is concerned that Michelle Obama has unfairly criticized the institution of slavery and in the video below seeks to set the record straight. If you listened to Michelle Obama's speech you would have heard her make the point that as a people we have come so far that the descendants of slaves now live in the American house built by slaves, and their children play on the lawn. It's a wonderful and very American story and did not condemn the institution of slavery.

But we all agree that institution of slavery was horrible right? It is a self evident truth that all men, all people, are created equal, right? Enslaving people is a sin, and a crime against humanity, right? Is slavery not the original sin upon which our country was founded?

So, why does Bill O'Reilly so badly need to defend the institution of slavery? He would never feel the need to 'correct the record' on the Holocaust.

If you chaff at people like me believing the Republican party is irredeemably stained by racism, this is a perfect example of why.  Here's Bill defending the honor of the slave owners who worked on the White House,

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