Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Donald Trump is the Republcan Party.

Memo to the mainstream media: Donald Trump is the only Republican choose by a national referendum of all members of the Republican party to represent the party. Not Reince Preibus, not Speaker Paul Ryan, Not Mitch McConnell or anyone else. 

Trump beat by a wide margin a large field of challengers competing for this position including some of their brightest. Think what you want about Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, Trump beat like a drum Ohio Governor John Kasich, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Sen Lindsey Graham, Sen Marco Rubio, Governor Chris Christie and Governor Scott Walker. 

 The idea that this was a weak field is preposterous. This list includes what nearly every Republican in DC a year ago would have considered their party's best and brightest. The darlings of the GOP. And guess what? The actual members of the party wanted nothing to do with anyone of them rallying around Donald Trump. That is a simple fact of history. 

So when every other Republican whose name is not Donald Trump tells you that Donald Trump doesn't speak for the Republican party on this issue or that, grow a pair and remind them that Donald Trump is the ONLY Republican chosen by the party's members to speak for the GOP on every issue. 

The sooner everyone understands that Donald Trump is the Republican Party, the sooner they will understand this is rock bottom and they can begin to rebuild. 

So stop enabling this outrageous denial. 

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