Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump, the problem that keeps on giving

Following Trump's epic implosion over the weekend and the second debate, Chris Cillizza published a brief Q and A with former Romney chief strategist Stuart Stevens, who has never been a Trump supporter. 

Steven's thinks Trump's nomination is a "catastrophic mistake" for the GOP.   Here's a taste of his reasoning,
I go back to these two basic numbers: in 1980, Ronald Reagan won a sweeping landslide of 44 states with 56 percent of the white vote. In 2012, Romney lost while getting 59 percent of white voters -- and a higher percentage of white voters turned out in 2012. White voters with high school or less are Trump's strongest area. Every four years they comprise just under 4 percent less of the electorate. Betting the future on those voters is like losing $5 on every sale and hoping to make it up in volume.
You can be for or against the future but the future doesn't really care. It's going to happen.

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