Sunday, November 20, 2016

White supremacists carry out majority of fatal attacks on U.S. soil

Dylann Roof who is accused of gunning down nine African Americans at a historic Charleston church on June 17, 2015
The majority of fatal attacks on U.S. soil are carried out by white supremacists, not terrorists says the very conservative Washington Times.
In the 14 years since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, nearly twice as many people have been killed in the United States by white supremacists and anti-government radicals than by Muslim jihadis, according to a new study. White supremacists and anti-government radicals have killed 48 Americans, including [June 17, 2015] deadly attack in South Carolina, versus 26 killings by Muslim radicals, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center. “Each time it [right-wing, radical violence] comes up, there’s a tendency to dismiss it as lone actor, mental health issues,” he said. “So it’s important to not ignore threats,”

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